paul sperry on clintons china corruption

Joe and Hunter Biden?  Please.

The real crimes and corruption with China goes way, way back. It all started way back in time under Clinton.

Nobody Reports the Crimes of Clinton

Here is a flash back video, when slimy Bill was in charge. Paul Sperry of or Investor’s Business Daily was banned from the White House (not for being an asshole like Jim Acosta), but asking tough questions about the Clinton corruption into foreign trading- especially spearheaded by Ron Brown.

Remember Ron Brown?  He was at the Department of Commerce- and centers into many of the scandals.

wikipedia. org/wiki/Commerce_Department_trade_mission_controversy

Way back in the late 1990’s- the entire circus was focused on Bill’s Whistleblower- Monica.

Meanwhile, serious National security issues about Nuclear and Military information sharing, exporting technologies developed in the USA to be used against the US- all this was going on in the 1990’s in Clinton’s administration and many of these stories were being ignored by most of the media since they were only focused on the Monica story- the corruption and what the Clinton Administration was doing to sabotage the US Military and our Manufacturing was not being covered.

So here is Paul Sperry being interviewed by Sean Hannity about his being banned from the White House for digging into the real Clinton corruption of selling out the USA to China.

Thanks to the archives of here:

“The administration started a high-priority program of lab-to-lab cooperation between U.S. scientists and their counterparts in Russia and China. Just at Los Alamos, the visits now number over 100, a spokesman says.” Investor’s Business Daily 4/12/99 Paul Sperry

“The technology exchange is usually one-way – from us to them. Our experts show them, among other things, lab security techniques and ways to abandon underground testing. ”An awful lot of very sensitive technology has gone from the U.S. labs to Russia and China in the interest of trying to help them monitor their facilities and safeguard them,” Gaffney said.” Investor’s Business Daily 4/12/99 Paul Sperry

Clinton led an effort that dissolved the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls, or COCOM, leaving the U.S. without an effective international mechanism to control the transfer of critical military technologies – INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY 6/9/99 Paul Sperry

The Clinton Crime Family is the worst probably of all in recent history.

The Hillary was actually voted and received more of the popular vote, in spite of all the family “Business” crimes.

Why does the public get manipulated so easily?

Why does the public always seem to have a short memory with all the Criminal activities that the Clintons have perpetrated on the USA?

His corruption in China was self evident.  Cooperating with the Chinese in the National Labs and more.

National Secrets Given away, stolen, taken- thanks to Bill Clinton.

“During President Clinton’s watch, America’s most vital nuclear secrets — guarded intensely for five decades — have been allowed to spill out all over the world. Earlier this year, I surmised that what now worried our scientists most was the possible theft of the “Lagrangian codes” from our national laboratories. These are the supercomputer programs that — when fed secret data “benchmarks” from all our nuclear tests — enable foreign scientists to simulate our explosions and erase our lead. We are now informed by The New York Times’ Pulitzer-Prize-winning investigative team that the codes — “legacy codes,” as they are known at Los Alamos — were allegedly downloaded by Wen Ho Lee in 1994. Our nuclear genie is out of the bottle.” Houston Chronicle 4/29/99 William Safire

GAO: “the Chinese military is seeking to acquire asynchronous transfer mode ( ATM ) and SDH equipment , which may benefit its command and control networks by the end of the next decade ; (5) the creation of the new general license category , GLX by the Commerce Department in April 1994, allowed the export of ATM and SDH equipment to civil end users without a validated license having to be issued by Commerce ; (6) determining who is a civil end user under GLX is the responsibility of the exporting companies .”

The controls were still in place when Clinton took office, but then in 1994 the Los Alamos and Sandia labs implemented exceptions to the Bush order to avoid background checks for foreign visitors. That is what opened the flood gates. …… “DOE 1240.2B will be revised to reflect these modifications.” This action abolished the terms “sensitive facility” and “security facility” and focused the reporting requirements on “Security Areas”, excepting property protection areas. ER strongly endorsed this modification…The modification was explained in the notice as, “Since open communication is fundamental to the economic vitality of the international community, this notice removes necessary impediments to the free flow and exchange of ideas and technology.” April 1997 Tommy D. Chang,

1999: HUA MEI = HUAWEI???

The Clinton administration announced a new license policy for telecommunications exports. High Tech sales for commercial applications would, according to a Commerce Department document, “use a General License, GLX which does not require prior US Government approval for export.” Thus began project “Hua Mei” and the transfer of US encryption technology to China. World Net Daily 3/9/99 Charles Smith

Machine Tools impounded then the Deep State allowed to be exported

“A Cleveland, Ohio subsidiary, Yuchai America, which exists solely to purchase sensitive dual-use technology in the United States, attempted to ship two sophisticated five-axis milling machines to China. The machines were intercepted by U.S. Customs and impounded. The case was eventually handed over to the Commerce Department, which brushed aside concerns that the milling machines would enhance Chinese military manufacturing capabilities, and allowed the company to ship them to China in late 1995.” – Kenneth R. Timmerman 6/97 American Spectator

Chinese wanted to buy Advanced Manufacturing 1994

The reporters story was squashed by the corrupt Clinton’s Department of Commerce.

“I first began investigating the sell-off of U.S. defense production equipment to China in 1994 for Time magazine. At that time, U.S. government sources provided me with documentation detailing how a Chinese military manufacturing company, CATIC, was seeking to buy advanced machine-tools from a McDonnell Douglas plant in Columbus, Ohio. Customs inspectors and Defense Department analysts raised concerns from the outset because the Columbus plant had been used to produce the B-1 bomber and the C-17, the largest military jet cargo plane in the world. The equipment and the manufacturing processes used in the plant were considered critical military technologies and were safeguarded by strict export controls – until Mr. Clinton came around. In a letter sent to McDonnell Douglas executives in late 1993, CATIC made clear that if the U.S. company wanted to sell more airliners to China, they would have to overcome the U.S. government objections one way or another. If not, CATIC intended to cancel a follow on contract to purchase more MD-80 and MD-90 series aircraft. CATIC’s approach was out-and-out blackmail…….As I pursued my investigation in the summer of 1994, I discovered that the Columbus plant was not the only one the Chinese were attempting to buy. They had approached Allison in Indianapolis to purchase sensitive helicopter manufacturing equipment and jigs, and Heinz Aerospace in Philadelphia to purchase helicopter engine manufacturing gear. They were also attempting to buy an entire factory from Garrett Engines, a unit of Allied Signal, so they could manufacture small gas turbine engines that could be fitted into a new generation of advanced cruise missile…….My investigation was scheduled for publication in mid-July 1994, but was pulled abruptly on a Friday afternoon. Only later did I learn why: Time editors had been contacted by political appointees at the Department of Commerce, who protested my story and requested that Time withhold it from publication until the administration could better spin the facts. In their defense, Time editors called my investigation “advocacy” journalism…..” – Washington Times 2/24/00 Kenneth Timmerman

All of the above data was available previously on the web for over 20 years, then it was pulled down.  We are drip feeding in back into the limelight- as President Trump attempts to drain the swamp.