medcram update-coronavirus

The WHO has failed the world.  What a debacle.

According to who posts daily updates on youtube, is a Dr. and communicates well- he pointed this out today on February 19th, 2020.  There are no standardizations being made as to what defines when a person is declared cured with these clinical trials.  The reason is that as with all bureaucracies there are “too many chiefs and not enough indians”.  Or perhaps the most obvious example we pointed out weeks ago when this idiot leader from Northern Africa the Politician that operates WHO Postponed declaring this an emergency over a week, watching as cases grew as he declared it would do unnecessary economic harm to China.  Actually, China’s response was a month too late as well.  It’s a travesty of health for the Chinese people themselves.  This is a very sad event to occur in such an advanced age where commuication is instant, there is instantaneous ability to communicate at very low cost anyone around the world, and as far we know the CDC still is being prevented from assisting the Chinese.

If you not already listened to Medcram do so, this Doctor has not posted 19 videos.


The WHO sucks.  Period.  Get rid of the leadership.

“The WHO is seeking standardization measures of these coronavirus trials to help ensure comparability between the studies.”- Medcram

This politically correct statement above was made by a Dr., however as an outsider to the problem and a common sense person- this should have been done 2-3 weeks ago by WHO.  Why are they defining this now?????  Because of failed and idiotic leadership.  Poor Richard says get rid of the leaders and replace them with forward thinking, educated and common sense engineering oriented people NOT politicians or aspiring Politicans.