corona virus speech

The Name “Chinese Virus” or “Wuhan China Plague” unleashed on the world is now politically incorrect?

But of course, the nanny-state is at it again. Ebola, Lyme and other viruses were named after their “birthplace”, why not Chinese Virus 2019?  Or Wuhan-2019?  CCP Virus is better?

Why does common sense get thrown out in what seems to occur daily in the news?

There are of course nut cases who will discriminate against Chinese people WHICH IS WRONG!   But the vast majority of good Americans will not discriminate, there are so many intelligent, productive and contributing Chinese Americans after all.

Go to your local chinese restaurant when it opens.

A few like the N95 Daigou from Florida who bragged about taking all the masks and selling them to china, that we wrote about should probably be requested to go somewhere else.

Google, Youtube, Vimeo, and other platforms are acting and behaving just like Communist China who actively censors, so by censoring free speech on their platforms they are complicit with being communists themselves!.

To make things even more bizarre- instead of working on local issues like cleaning the streets- San Antonio Now a city has passed an ordinance to call the “Chinese Virus” hate speech.  Oh, isn’t that a nice thing to do.  They cannot censor this website- a big middle finger to San Antonio government!

Hate speech directed against certain ethnic groups in connection with the coronavirus outbreak will not be tolerated, the city council of San Antonio, Texas, decided Thursday.

Council members unanimously passed a resolution that specifically addresses anti-Chinese COVID-19 references, including terms such as “Chinese virus” or “kung fu virus,” claiming such language encourages hate crimes and other incidents against Asian-Americans and Asian immigrants.

“Unfortunately, during times of crisis we do see the best of humanity and sometimes we also see the worst,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who initiated the resolution, according to San Antonio’s WOAI-TV. “There has been a rise of hate speech throughout the course of this pandemic.”

But prior to the vote, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, blasted the plan as political correctness run amok.

“This is NUTS,” Cruz wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “SA City Council behaving like a lefty college faculty lounge, triggered by Chick-fil-A & the words ‘Wuhan virus.’ If they want to investigate someone, start with NYT & CNN who both repeatedly (and rightly) referred to it as “the Chinese coronavirus.”- May 8, 2020