Chinese New Year of the Rat

The Year of the Rat- Literally.

Just in time for Chinese New Year, the world gets to celebrate 2020- right along with the Chinese – the Year of the Rat- with this perhaps upcoming pandemic.  Let’s hope not.  The question is how many people are already infected, and with air travel as it record levels it remains that how many people will come down with Coronavirus in the coming days and where.   Watch to see if this gets out of control and the real story is censored.

Tucker Carlson speaks to Dr. Mark Siegel

Evidently, the latest addition to foreign exports is the Coronavirus.  The Corona Virus didn’t start in Corona.  It appears it was exported from the Wuhan province in China and has spread instantly- as fast as daily the plague of liberal idiocy over twitter about impeachment.

The video starts at 27:36.   Dr. Marc Siegel mentions that not only Bats and Snakes are eaten raw, but he added some of these folks actually eat badgers and rats also- uncooked.  Yummy.  – Coronavirus Dr. Siegel starting at 27:36

Unfortunately, the WHO (World Health Organization) has decided to “Wait and see”- great.  Nice, like the UN another international coalition of politically correct bureaucrats failing to protect the public.  They even stated in their press release that they intend to wait another 10 days before meeting again.  Perhaps they intend to celebrate the year of the Rat meanwhile the rest of us are potentially going to be exposed to this.   “Let’s not hurt Chinese New Years Tourism”- says Poor Richard.  Nah.  It starts this Saturday, January 25th, 2020.

To quote them the first order of business was to remind the members of their legal duties. oh, and confidentiality.   Like while someone is bleeding out and discussing in the emergency room the need to sign off all the waivers before being treated.

“Professor Houssin also welcomed the Committee and gave the floor to the Secretariat.

On 22 January, representatives of WHO’s legal department and the department of compliance, risk management, and ethics briefed the Committee members on their roles and responsibilities.

Committee members were reminded of their duty of confidentiality and their responsibility to disclose personal, financial, or professional connections that might be seen to constitute a conflict of interest. Each member who was present was surveyed and no conflicts of interest were judged to be relevant to the meeting.

The Chair then reviewed the agenda for the meeting and introduced the presenters.

On 23 January, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, Japan, Thailand and the Republic of Korea updated the committee on the situation in their countries. There have been increased numbers of reported cases in China, with 557 confirmed as of today. “

Then, they decided that it was too early to call it a full blown health emergency- of course.  What else, no reason to ruffle the feathers too hard. “Restrictive and Binary nature”- what kind of bullshit talk is that anyway? The “committee” welcomed efforts… blah blah, blah.  It’s too early to declare it an emergency.

Well like Ebola, it does not have a cure.

Everything is unknown.  Why NOT DECLARE IT AN EMERGENCY?

The Solution to preventing the spread of Coronavirus is:

The world community should put in a temporary travel ban for all aircraft entering and exiting China.   Until is is under control.  The Chinese have quarantined their cities, but they should also voluntarily quarantine all travel.   North Korea- for as much as they are criticized actually did such a ban as reported today.

Stop all Air Travel Now.  Immediately.

But, it would never happen.  Too many economic interests supersede those of public health.

Ross Perot said it well, you don’t form a committee to kill snakes, you simply kill them.

The Committee welcomed the efforts made by China to investigate and contain the current outbreak.

The following elements were considered as critical:

Human-to-human transmission is occurring and a preliminary R0 estimate of 1.4-2.5 was presented. Amplification has occurred in one health care facility. Of confirmed cases, 25% are reported to be severe. The source is still unknown (most likely an animal reservoir) and the extent of human-to-human transmission is still not clear.

Several members considered that it is still too early to declare a PHEIC, given its restrictive and binary nature.

Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, Where is the origin?

You can google it and find out.  Wherever people and animals live too close together.  Something is common as to the point of origin here.

Meanwhile CNN will cover all endless hours of boring Adam Shift in the US Senate Chambers of Congress and Mainstream media will focus on Impeachment instead of anything else, like this which a real problem that effects real people worldwide.

300,000 People have fled Wuhan, how many are infected?

According to :  “A post from Wuhan Railway saying that 300,000 people traveled by train out of Wuhan on Wednesday, headed to every corner of the country, was also quickly deleted.”