Cher tweets rape trump

Cher and Trump Twitter- constantly.

What did Cher Call Trump?

Cher suggests in her twitter tweet (that she later deleted) but see the original below full of emoji’s and hate, then back pedaled that President Trump should be thrown in prison as a “Boy Toy” and “Big Bubba” should rape him.  Nice.  What a total cunt- this old Malibu slut Cher is.  More Hollywood scum.

Where is Cher performing tonight?

On Twitter of course.  To suggest in the description of her tweet “Big Bubba”- which is a blatant racist slur against African Americans and Black People, and the anti-gay as well seems sort of ironic coming from liberal left socialist Hollywood.

It’s hard to believe that this funky old 73 year old wind bag entertainer is still in the news.  Even harder to believe she has 3.4 Million Twitter followers.  Cher Bono who is not just racist anti-gay and suggesting sexual assault- she is over the hill- and irrelevant- but way over the hill.   Yet like most of the Hollywood morons- plastic surgery does wonders and seems to have given her some extended life at least in the gossip media.   Maybe Robert DeNiro will soon dye his hair and have his lips botox’d also.

Here is the context according who is the only ranking news source it seems who will publish it, so we too spread the word.

“Been giving impeachment much thought throughout the day & I would [love] 2 see Trump impeached, brought 2 trial, [locked] up in [chains], & boy toy of Big Bubba. My Delight In Seeing trump Run Out Of Town On a Rail, Is More Likely [love] over [brains]. I WANT WHAT’S BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY.”

Original Cher Tweet Here Below

Cher tweets rape trump

Cher Tweets Sexual Assault by Big Bubba on Trump

cher bubba rape trump tweet

Above Tweet courtesy of the Daily Mail.  This 73 year old blabbermouth using emoji’s like another child Ilhan Omar.  Cute.

Piers Morgan reposted it, then it was deleted.

cher wants Trump raped in prison

Will Cher tour in 2020?

We hope so.  Perhaps she can continue the “Entertainment”- maybe sing a duet with Robert DeNiro “The way we were”.

Can Cher still dance?

Would you want to see your grandmother on stage half naked dancing?  hmmm.

Who plays Cher in Clueless?

She plays herself- totally clueless.

Cher Can I turn back time?

Why not fast forward time instead, and disappear forever.  Off the stage.  Erase your twitter account, and blow away like dust in the wind.  You have offended many people with your senility.  Both you and Nancy Pelosi should check into the same old folks home soon, before it’s too late.

thegatewaypundit. com/2019/05/cher-tweets-that-she-wants-trump-to-be-raped-in-prison-refuses-to-apologize/