Information is power.  Just ask Google, Facebook and Twitter.

These behemoth companies have the power to kill you by censoring alternative ideas, asking questions, going against conventional wisdom or any non-left, conservative ideology.  They have the power to remove you, your ideas and concerns and kick you to the curb.  Just ask anyone who has been removed on a flimsy excuse.  These huge powerful left wing assholes have the ability to take food off your table.  If you don’t do what they like, and if you dared to make a living online in an hour your website can be instantly removing their search results.

Google-Alphabet is the worst offender.

They control what you easily find and search for on the Google Search engine.  As you are aware, the cream does not rise to the top- unfortunately in the past 3 years since Donald Trump was elected things have changed.  Conservative content is being hidden from the search results.  Just ask  Just ask  Even if what you search for is not political, much of the time those who game the search engine algorithms which are not the best content are at the top of the search.

Youtube search is really skewed.

There is some spectacular content available for free on Youtube.  Most of the world knows it.  However, the owners who want to own and twist your brain are censor the ideas and deciding what should not be shown.  These are obviously not videos that have illegal content, but rather have ideas and a narrative *they* the scumbags in Youtube the CNN shills do not agree with.  Try finding Fox News.  CNN and other crap by MSNBC will be found in the search.

CoronaVirus has changed the world.

With this Covid-19 shutdown, anyone who looks for all sides of debate are being force-fed information from the fraudulent China shills at the World Health Organization.  We called out the WHO for their failure on January 31st, 2020 way before others did, and once this website did that back 2 months ago- our website fell in ranking substantially.  That isn’t stopping us though. Google and any others won’t censor us.

This is what happens when you do not support the WHO.

This chart is what the left mob has been doing to this conservative website.  The traffic and backlinks have always been strong until we started pointing out the World Health Organization was full of shit.  We continue to say that, and this is what happens- big tech will censor you.  The WHO lied to you about China’s human to human transmission claims.  The WHO lied to you about wearing masks.  The WHO is a corrupt bureaucratic mess and should not be trusted.  In fact, do not trust anything that Politicians are saying.  Wear a Face Mask.

Liberals suck

Freedom of speech is at stake.  Social Media knows it too.

Your freedom of speech is being attempted to being taken away by big tech.  It’s time to rise up and for new companies and decentralized search engines to appear.  Peer to Peer information sharing is an alternative to being brought into the mainstream.  Anyone on Github reading this should get together and come up with an Open Source sharing application.   This will prevent the garbage CNN and other mainstream media from monopolizing the conversation.   This “new normal” is censorship, book burning machine of the left wing socialists attempting to hijack your life.

The most perverse example that happened was of the Doctors in Bakersfield.   Watch Tucker Carlson discuss this latest stunt by Youtube, on youtube oh the irony.  How long before this video is removed?

Software Developers Needed for Open Source Search and Video Streaming.

What would happen if everybody switched to a different platform?  Why didn’t Vimeo actually remove those videos?  They are not censoring like Google?

The need for independent search engines- based on accurate search results not the SEO work of some crap SEO Company that the author games the system to rise to the top.

Independence of Social media is something Poor Richard’s has been stating for a long time- and avoiding it.  Why are you using Facebook?  Why do you even log in and post on Twitter?

End being spied on by the Do-No-Evil Doers at Google.

Asking questions of the narrative being forced fed down your throat  by Google, Facebook or Twitter is beyond evil. It is totalitarian and absolute in it’s nature and edict by these giant companies who are monopolizing the narrative and your ability to separate yourself from their control for some people is not easy.

Just remember, you are a slave to mainstream if you are stuck in it.  The left progressive narrative is dangerous to democracy and whether you like it or not, your viewpoint is being skewed.  CNN might be fake news to President Trump, but with all the control exerted by Google and Facebook on your right to hear all sides of the story is much more dangerous.  Those of us who do not follow their line of thinking- you are being abused by these “Free” systems. Do you still use Gmail?

How about Google sifting through your personal emails?

How does that feel?

What happens when one day the Government or the Tech companies single you out as a dissenter?

That your independent thinking is being taken over with Big Tech propaganda like they do in China- the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party system.

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