coronavirus 20000 one day jump

Hubei China Infections Now 60,000+, with 20,000 increase only one day.

This is not good news, just released. The Virus is spreading in China and must be contained in China.

Are you suspicious yet about how this news is being spoon fed of numbers of infected to the mainstream media and authorities by China?  The CoronaVirus has been known and covered up since 2019 and now according to reports that the Chinese Ambassador when questioned did not deny it could have started by the Wuhan Virology Lab.  Maria Bartiromo calling this out and exposing this mess.

Many people on social media are talking about that this could have started in Weapons Lab in China.  Not eating Bat Soup.  The CDC is still not being allowed into China.  Another obvious reason- why should they?  If they are developing biological weapons they would not allow the CDC to cover that.

WHO Dr. Tedros Again in the News

Also reporting that Dr. Tedros the idiot from WHO is attempting to twist the arm of the world.  He wants to force the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship with 174 Infected people on board into a port on land.  At the moment, this cruise ship has been docked in Yokahama, Japan and nobody on board is being allowed to disembark the ship.  Which is a preventative measure, yet this ship is not a hospital and close quarters like this raising the risk of being infected of course.

(1) Hong Kong Cruise Passenger Infected 174

This shows you how diseases can spread in close quarters like a Cruise Ship.  Cruises obviously are fantastic and a great vacation experience, this isn’t the first time a group of passengers became sick though on a Cruise ship though.   According to Princess Cruises website there are 2,666 guests and 1,045 Crew Members stuck on board the Diamond Princess Cruise ship that is remaining docked in Yokohama, Japan:

“Diamond Princess arrived in Yokohama early from a 14-day round trip itinerary, which departed from Yokohama (Tokyo) on January 20 and was scheduled to return on February 4…  …  On the previous voyage, a guest from Hong Kong, embarked in Yokohama on January 20, sailed one segment of the itinerary, and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25. He visited a local Hong Kong hospital, six days after leaving the ship, where he later tested positive for coronavirus on February 1.”

princess. com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/diamond-princess-update.html

This news report was released just hours ago from South Korea’s Arirang channel.  John Hopkins latest earlier today February 12, 2020 was 40,000+ cases and now less than 24 hours it is 60,000 cases.  What a huge increase in one day!

Arirang is reporting also that China is seizing private property due to the coronavirus crisis and also directing manufacturers to sew up one million body bags and set up the process to be manufactured.

Not promising news, no idea how true this is.  Listen to the report in the video for yourself.