trump zelensky apnews is fake news

“Ukrainian leader felt Trump pressure before taking office”

This Opinion headline written by propaganda writers isn’t news.  This continued communist like behavior skew and twist a story based on secret “unknown” sources.  Twisting the facts at seems to be every day occurrence in the era of President Trump.  Like Reuters, APNews cannot be trusted to report simply the news but be opinion, and spewing their hate for President Trump everyday.

F*ck you Desmond Butler and Michael Bjesecker- your reporting is pure shit.

“They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue, which has roiled U.S.-Ukrainian relations.”

Who the F*uck is THEY?  Yet another insider leaker,  another Fake News Whistleblower spoon feeding them rumors to report as fact?

“The full details of what the two leaders discussed in that Easter Sunday phone call have never been publicly disclosed, and it is not clear whether Trump explicitly asked for an investigation of the Bidens.

The three people’s recollections differ on whether Zelenskiy specifically cited that first call with Trump as the source of his unease. But their accounts all show the Ukrainian president-elect was wary of Trump’s push for an investigation into the former vice president and his son Hunter’s business dealings.”

So, by twisting the narrative to suit your story headline- with “recollections differ” and “by their accounts” is simply third hand information and innuendo.  This is not reporting the facts.  This is hearsay- just like the Democrats continue with this false narrative.

“only a bare-bones public readout on the April call,”.. … Trump asked Zelenskiy for “a favor,” requesting an investigation into a conspiracy theory related to a Democratic computer server hacked during the 2016 election campaign.

SO the secret Democrat hearings excluding Republicans leak out such a statement from the meeting like this- to and the rest- simply using the media for propaganda purposes.  So how was it contradicted?  What was said?  Does APNews have a transcript but the Republicans do not?  What kind of nonsense is this fake journalism?- it’s pure propaganda.

“Ambassador William Taylor, starkly contradicted the president, saying that Trump had demanded that everything Zelenskiy wanted, including the aid and a White House meeting, was conditional on a public vow that he would open an investigation.”-

Trump then chimed in: “In other words, no pressure.”

Yea, “Trump Chimed in”- how continually disrespectful of the President of the United States to state that in that manner.  Never under Deep State Ringmaster Obama would such a statement have been made.

“U.S. State Department recalled Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, a career diplomat with a reputation for combating corruption. Yovanovitch had been the target of a sustained yearlong smear campaign by Giuliani and his associates.”

A Career Diplomat means a Career Swamp Creature- the slime within the Unelected bureacracy whose sole mission is to prevent the Trump agenda from moving forward.  Good thing that Yovanovitch was fired from her job, except knowing the US Gov’t it will be with full benefits and pay forever.  She will never need to get a REAL job in the private sector.  Just like Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and Comey.  Scumbag Bureaucrat Swamp Snakes.