#deletefacebook privacy breach

Is Facebook an enemy of the state too?

Would not be surprised if Facebook actively aggregates popular content and wants more eyeballs and advertising- doing this all the time.  Facebook is not helping the situation in the USA with allowing all voices to be heard with the truth, nor bringing together more people as the Political division caused partially by Trump Haters, Trump Resist and Hillary Clinton, Lyin’ James Comey, Brennan and the Deep state actors.  There are ton’s of them.  Many US Gov’t employees, who should work in the private sector instead are Democrats and creating problems within Washington, DC itself.  Facebook is disturbing that is continues banning Conservatives like today’s report from the Gateway Pundit on Laura Loomer.

thegatewaypundit. com/2019/05/heartbreaking-laura-loomer-breaks-down-in-tears-in-live-interview-my-life-is-ruined-due-to-social-media-targeting-and-banning-video/

“Even worse, it shows that the company is inadvertently making use of propaganda by militant groups to auto-generate videos and pages that could be used for networking by extremists.”- AP News

“The animated video begins with a photo of the black flags of jihad. Seconds later, it flashes highlights of a year of social media posts: plaques of anti-Semitic verses, talk of retribution and a photo of two men carrying more jihadi flags while they burn the stars and stripes.”- AP news

It wasn’t produced by extremists; it was created by Facebook. In a clever bit of self-promotion, the social media giant takes a year of a user’s content and auto-generates a celebratory video. In this case, the user called himself “Abdel-Rahim Moussa, the Caliphate.”- AP news

Seems that bots and AI needs more work.  What about manual reviews on Extremist sites?

“the AP found that as of this month, much of the banned content cited in the study — an execution video, images of severed heads, propaganda honoring martyred militants — slipped through the algorithmic web and remained easy to find on Facebook.”

apnews. com/f97c24dab4f34bd0b48b36f2988952a4