anna navarro says maduro not socialist

Navarro denies Venezuela’s Maduro is a socialist

On the view Ana Navarro cannot control her mouth.

The View remains such an awful example example of how moronic Hollywood and commentators are who don’t know the facts.

“Maduro is NOT a socialist, he is a corrupt Murderer… blah, blah blah….”



Anna Navarro files her nails on TV

“Hypocrisy needs to be called out in American Politics, and the absurd has reached the point that it is insufferable”

“Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu and CNN’s resident RINO Ana Navarro both fell for a hoax tweet posted by leftist Time magazine editor-at-large Ian Bremmer. Why? Because they’re so desperate to push any anti-Trump narrative that they never bother to verify the information before screeching about it to the world.”

bizpacreview. com/2019/05/27/ted-lieu-and-ana-navarro-share-fake-trump-quote-pushed-by-time-mag-editor-were-waiting-for-apology-758854