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@RealJamesWoods : @AOC Embarrassment to the Nation.

@Aoc needs to shut up

Actually the GOP thinks @AOC is a joke.

Hurricane Maria was climiate change duh

“I’m gonna be very frank: I think that this president has set a racist tone. I think he has set a tone of such strong misogyny, racism, conspiracy theory-ism.”- A.O.C. Vanity Fair Interview

“At first, it was really, really, really hard. I felt like I was being physically ripped apart in those first two to three months,” AOC Vanity Fair Interview

“I know that people underestimated me. My whole life I’ve been underestimated,”- AOC- Vanity Fair Interview

“I do feel an intense amount of pressure. Every day for me feels like I’m walking on a high wire. Every single day.”-AOC Vanity Fair Interview

-“The whole goal is to dehumanize,” -AOC she said Vanity Fair Interview. (meanwhile, her pal anti-semite Ilhan Omar does that today with President Trump calling him inhuman..)

“There’s definitely just this really deep feeling of vulnerability around it. You feel very vulnerable. You feel very targeted, because you are. But there are days where you just kind of want to run into a closet, and lock yourself in it, and just hope the world doesn’t find you.”- AOC Vanity Fair- (on hiding in a closet like the child she truly is.)

“A lot of days, I don’t want to talk, believe it or not . . . The reality of the situation is that if I don’t define this moment, and if I don’t use my voice, then they will fill the void.” – AOC Vanity Fair- (yet she continues to yap, blabber and speak in circles.)

“Every time I do make a mistake, in the smallest sense, I just feel the weight of the world on me. But I know that that is not a reason to stop,” Ocasio-Cortez explained. “I think one of the taboos that we’ve been breaking has been you can’t learn while you’re in office. You know?”- AOC Vanity Fair (Poor me, feel sorry for me- what an idiot)

Vanity Fair- Abigail Tracy

vanityfair. com/news/2019/03/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-interview



Maduro's Daughter Alexandria


AOC Free Electricity

AOC calls to break up banks

Stolen Twitter Alert Copyright


We will simply take your hard earned money to give it away for subsidies of the poor.  We believe in Robin Hood theory.


abolish ice

We don’t need no Law Enforcement, all migrants are stellar, educated, english speaking people seeking a better life and American Citizens can afford to pay for it all. No problem.



We will tear down the Wall, and let anyone in for free medical care- thanks to our Mayor Di Blasio!


Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, USC, Notre Dame- your choice!


No talent required.  No experience needed, we will train you to be a leftist.

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