Chinese Corona Virus Spreading

Europe is seeing huge increases and 49 of the 50 states now have infections.  The Chinese have unleashed this massive health and economic disaster upon the world.  In the end, they should pay.  Period the end.

President Trump

Requests respect, self isolation and other common sense.  Do you part.  Stay at home.  Don’t stand in long lines now, wait a few days.  The stores will be replenished.

Why take the chance of getting infected?

National Quarantine Coming

Yes, it has to occur.  It seems there are too many idiotic people under age 30 who just don’t give a shit and will screw it up for the rest of us.

They even called it a Boomer Remover.   Millennials.  The worst generation.  All they want is free stuff off the back of tax payers, wealth creators and listening to communists like Bernie Sanders the greatest bullshit artists.  And GOOGLE won’t rank this page at all, in fact they will shadow ban it like they continue to do.  F$ck GOOGLE.