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Vaccine Mandates End With A Booster Shot? | Think Again UIV Is Next

September 21, 2021 0

Will Vaccine Pushers like Aspen and gain traction? Now, as an opinion article this is and being fully up front we are not stating we are anti-vaccination or activists in this subject at all.   Polio, Small Pox, Yellow Fever, etc. they have been virtually erradicated thanks to modern medicine.  We ask questions of…

Biden Organization Photo Humor and Sarcasm

Biden Is A Cartoon

November 29, 2020 0

We’ve put together..uh.. I think the most extensive…uh… and inclusive… uh… voter fraud organization in the history of American Politics. Wear Your Mask! Did you feel like they threw away your vote? Come’ On Man. They’re not Bad Folks!

So why is #NaturalImmunity Censored? Are Facebook Instagram Monopolies medical experts?  Why is it now this read medical term has been censored?   As being reported by numerous users of Instagram, and even a true medical term, a true condition is being hidden from anyone who dares challenging the narrative of the Biden Administration. Facebook…