Yes, Harry Reid lives at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC

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We really need to stop referring to Harry Reid as being a Democrat from Nevada.  He doesn’t live in Nevada.  He lives at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington DC.

from Politico:

Facing a barrage of attacks over his living arrangements, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid insisted Thursday that his condo at Washington’s Ritz-Carlton was nothing more than a one-bedroom apartment and that his real home is in a dusty mining town south of Las Vegas.

“I live in Searchlight, Nev.,” Reid said on MSNBC Thursday. “I have a home in Searchlight, Nev. I stay in Washington, D.C., in a one-bedroom apartment — and my penthouse is on the second floor. How do you like that? Penthouse on the second floor.”

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Anybody got a tally of the total number of days Reid spent in Searchlight Nevada this year?  It cannot a very high number. 

For the record, Harry Reid spent $750,000 on his “one-bedroom apartment.”  Do you know anybody who spent that kind of money on a one-bedroom apartment?