White House insults another ally: refers to South Korea’s new FEMALE presidency as “his excellency”

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The Obama administration has made a habit of insulting our allies in one way or another.  In the latest example, President Obama’s official announcement of congratulations to South Korea’s newly elected President call her “his excellency.”  President Park Geun-hye is, of course, female.

Here’s a photo of the announcement:

Now, I’m sure that this was a clerical error.  The White House has since corrected the mistake.  However, this is not the first time that the Obama administration has insulted an important ally.  There was the time he gave the Queen of England an iPod full of videos of his own speeches.  Or the the way he intros every world leader with the same exact words. And who can forget how poorly he has treated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I’m willing to excuse a simple typo, but President Obama has repeatedly insulted our allies, and this is just one more example on top of an already huge pile.