What the heck? CNN “journalist” has been writing letters to Obama every day of his first term.

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This has got to be one of the strangest things I’ve read in a long time. One of CNN’s political corespondents began writing President Obama letters on his inauguration day  and has written the President every day of his first term…all four years! 

from CNN:

Inauguration Day will signal the culmination of an effort I launched on January 20, 2009, to write a letter to the White House every single day of Barack Obama’s first term.

And I do mean every day. Weekends, holidays, when he was on vacation, and when I was on vacation. I wrote in my office, at home, in moving airplanes, cars, trains and even while running through the woods. I wrote early in the morning, in the middle of the day and late at night.

I wrote about things that were important, like unemployment, Afghanistan and women’s rights. I also wrote about things that were trivial, like sports, favorite foods and my yearly battle with Christmas lights.

The tally: 1,460 letters, well over a half-million words, or enough to fill about seven novels. Laid out as one line of text, these letters would stretch almost 3½ miles or considerably longer than the inaugural parade route.

I did not intend to get in this deep.

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I would expect this kind of thing from a crazy person or maybe a political activist, but not from somebody who works as a journalist for one of the largest news organizations on the planet.  I suspect with Mr. Foreman, it might be some combination of crazy and activist. 

Here’s the first letter that Foreman wrote to Obama on his inauguration four years ago. 

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations! Watching you on that podium today, surrounded by so many hundreds of thousands of Americans, I could not help but feel inspired by the miracle of democracy and the greatness of our nation. I also have a question: Do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?

I know you are busy today, but call when you can.



Foreman ended almost every single letter with a request for President Obama to call him or contact him.  The President never did.  Talk about weird, obsessive behavior! 

You can read all 1,460 of Foreman’s letters to Obama here. 

CNN should be embarrassed that they’ve kept this guy in their employment for the past four years. To allow someone with what appears to be a quite unhealthy obsession with President Obama to work as a “journalist” is unconscionable.  Then again, it seems most of the media has an unhealthy obsession with Obama. Unlike Tom Foreman, however, they’re just not willing to admit it publicly.