VIDEO: Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison acts like a total jerk on Sean Hannity’s show

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Democrat Keith Ellison was a guest on Sean Hannity’s show tonight.  His behavior was so incredibly bad that Sean couldn’t help laughing at him and letting him rant. 

here’s the video:

My favorite part is about 3.5 minutes in when Rep. Ellison explains his asinine behavior by saying, “This is a First Amendment issue.” I also enjoyed Ellison’s claim that the Budget Control Act (that Obama signed into law) was all Republicans’ fault. 

If you want to see the context of Rep Ellison’s childish behavior, check it out over at Hannity’s page on Fox News.  Sean cued up the segment by playing some of Obama’s most fear-mongering rhetoric from the past week and had a little fun by putting some cinematic music in the background. Apparently Rep. Ellison wasn’t such a fan of hearing Obama’s own words used against him.  

Sean’s conclusion to the interview is priceless: “Congressman, you are a total waste of time.”