Uh oh, it looks like Chuck Schumer told the IRS to target conservatives

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According to a complaint issued by the Center for Competitive Politics, Chuck Jefferson-wrote-the-Bill-of-Rights Schumer and others directed the IRS to target conservatives and should be investigated.

From the NY Post:

Did Chuck Schumer try to use the IRS to sidestep the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling — and stick a dagger in the heart of conservative groups?

That’s the gist of a complaint filed this week with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics.

…The Center for Competitive Politics is asking that Schumer and nine other Democratic senators be investigated for trying to use the IRS to suppress the free speech of political opponents.

…Turns out the IRS did investigate. And — surprise! — almost all the groups singled out for special IRS scrutiny were conservative.

It also points to a Schumer speech made earlier this year called “The Rise of the Tea Party and How Progressives Can Fight Back.” The speech, says the complaint, explains how the IRS could be a tool “to stamp out Tea Party organizations.”

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As outrageous as this is, we shouldn’t be shocked. It was just a matter of time. History has taught us that if a government is large enough to be capable of doing something like this, it will eventually do it. That’s why the federal government should be so small that it literally couldn’t target or oppress people even if it wanted to. Yet I hear few politicians seriously talking about abolishing the IRS.