This is how the Daily Show responded to the SCOTUS ruling

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The far left keeping it classy as usual.

They received such an overwhelming negative response, that they felt the need to follow it up with this:

But this is a BS defense. After all, they didn’t originally say “go have lots of sex to celebrate.” They specifically said “go knock someone up.” In other words: “Go get someone pregnant so you can have an abortion.” They were indeed promoting abortions. That’s what the original Tweet meant.

What’s interesting is that I saw dozens and dozens of responses to the original Tweet saying something like “I’m pro choice but this is over the line!” But my question is this: If abortion is okay, why is this Tweet over the line? If the baby isn’t a living human, then why wouldn’t every single one of the pro-abortion crowd’s Tweets be cheering this on? The answer is self-evident.

Anyway, just remember this the next time you hear a millennial say he gets his news from “The Daily Show”. *This* is who they are.