The Obama administration proposed 97 new regulations…today. 2,012 new regulation proposals in the last month.

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With the GOP retaining control of the House of Representatives, one can fully expect the Obama administration to continue their practice of bypassing Congress altogether and governing via fiat and regulation.  

According to (a government-run site that posts all new regulations), the Obama administration posted 97 regulation proposals just today.  In the past 30 days, the administration has posted over 2,000 new regulation proposals on everything from Medical devices to coal mines to polyester imports.     

This explosive growth in regulations is quite alarming.  In 2011 the cumulitive cost of new regulations from the Obama administration is estimated to be over $46 billion.  In case you were wondering, this President is issuing new regulations a far faster rate than any of his predecessors.  

The Obama administration actually missed the last legal deadline for releasing his regulatory outlook document, essentially breaking the law in an effort to minimize the impact it would have had on the election. 

Instead of working with Republicans in Congress, this administration has chosen to govern via unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats through the regulatory process.  Now that Obama doesn’t need to worry about another election, you can fully expect the next four years to be a regulatory nightmare.