Surprise! NBC Universal to cut 500 jobs

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It’s amazing the stuff that comes out after an election. The same network who was praising Obama for all of his substantive accomplishments before the election, like his ability to magically fix the economy by lowering the unemployment rate 3 points a month before the election and his ability to walk on the beach after a hurricane, is now laying off 500 people before the end of the year. They helped get him elected, they must suffer in his economy. Congratulations.

From Variety:

A sporadic series of job cuts NBCUniversal has been making since August will amount to 500 positions, or 1.5% of the workforce, by year’s end.

A source at the conglom confirmed the number circulating in published reports but characterized the eliminations as “nips and cuts” aimed at reducing inefficiencies across many different divisions, as opposed to the broader layoffs that rocked NBCUniversal in the years before its acquisition by Comcast.

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Now, in all fairness, many of the cuts have already taken place. But does anyone remember reading the headline: ’NBCU cuts will total 500 jobs by year-end’ before the election? I don’t.

Furthermore, by using phrases like “nips and cuts” and “reducing inefficiencies”, isn’t NBC admitting that the point of their company is to make money? That sure is what it seems like. Yet the left–including NBC–will continue to support candidates who tout extreme progressive taxes and out-of-control corporate tax rates and regulations. The disconnect here is staggering.

I still am of the opinion that the vast majority of the country wants self-sufficiency. They just haven’t come to terms with what that means. Millions have yet to associate the left’s economic policy with its failure. I think it will happen eventually but until then, we will continue to see massive layoffs and a stagnant economy.