Supreme Court rejects Roland Burris’s appeal to overturn Illinois election

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Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from this particular bit of slime.  Personally, I had almost forgotten about the short career of Roland Burris, Robert “Blago” Blagojevich’s appointee to President Obama’s Senate seat.  I had to look up Burris’s wikipedia page to refresh my memories on the details. 

Anyways, apparently being involved in a senate seat selling scandal (say THAT 5 times fast) wasn’t enough to shame Mr. Burris out of clinging to his short-lived career as a Washington scumbag, and he sued in order to overturn the election of Senator Mark Kirk. 

The Supreme Court wasn’t having any of it.

From AP:

The high court on Monday turned away an appeal from former Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, who was appointed to the seat but did not get chance to run for a full term. The justices also refused to hear an appeal from state officials who objected to a court order to hold a special election as well as a regular election for Obama’s old seat

Maybe now Roland could get back into acting (a career…well…cameo that was just about as brief as his term in the Senate).  See if you can spot him in this scene of The Fugitive: