Super. NYT looking for a ‘Climate Change Editor’

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From the New York Times:

Drone footage that shows Greenland melting away. Long narratives about the plight of climate refugees, from Louisiana to Bolivia and beyond. A series on the California drought. Color-coded maps that show how hot it could be in 2060.

The New York Times is a leader in covering climate change. Now The Times is ramping up its coverage to make the most important story in the world even more relevant, urgent and accessible to a huge audience around the globe.

We are looking for an editor to lead this dynamic new group. We want someone with an entrepreneurial streak who is obsessed with finding new ways to connect with readers and new ways to tell this vital story.

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They’re not concerned with reporting the truth. They’re looking for someone to head up a team of “journalists”, with the goal of focusing¬†on one side of a contentious national debate in order to advance an agenda.¬†They are literally looking for a propagandist. It’s unreal.

Don’t get me wrong, they can do what they want. But we need to be real about what this is.