Suggestions to Cancel Out Earth Hour

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I’m sure most of you are aware that at 8:30 pm central, the masses will be caving into pressure from the power-hungry global warming, earth-worshiping “inconvenient truthers” and dousing the lights. My city is no exception with most of the businesses downtown celebrating “earth hour” and all sorts of senseless public events are planned.

Now, before you accuse me of being a wasteful, heartless, senseless, dope, let me explain. I oppose participating earth hour for three basic reasons. First, as we’ve reported over and over again at Poor Richard’s News, the science just doesn’t support the global warming alarmism. Humans don’t create global warming, and humans turning out their lights for one hour wouldn’t stop it even if it were real.

Second, the only possible result from not using electricity for one hour is an increase in energy costs. Think about it, if entire metro areas are participating in “earth hour,” energy companies are going to be losing revenue. What else could they possibly do to make up for the lost revenue? Raise rates.

Lastly, and most importantly, the entire “earth hour” is nothing more than a protest. The environmental lobby that started the nonsense describes it as a way “to make a global statement of concern about climate change and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions.” In short, they see it as a way of demonstrating a mandate for politicians to pass power-grabbing “green” legislation like cap & trade. Now, the average person participating in “earth hour” doesn’t see themselves as mandating new expansive governmental legislation, but that’s exactly what what the whole thing will be used as: an opportunity for the green lobby to say to congress, “tens of millions of people all around the country stood up and demanded action from our government.”

Rush said it well today:


In response, we here at Poor Richard’s News are starting a list: ways to protest the protest. These are the things that WE encourage you to do during the idiotic, pointless power grab hour:

  1. Turn on all the lights in your house, including the one you never use over the stove
  2. Turn your air conditioning on…and you heating if possible
  3. Turn on space heaters
  4. Boil water on all your stove burners
  5. Leave your microwave on
  6. Eat factory-farm beef
  7. Play electric guitar
  8. Burn tires
  9. Burn Styrofoam
  10. Leave your fridge door open
  11. Leave your freezer door open
  12. Turn on all your TVs, DVD players, Nintendo Wii’s, Xboxes, Playstations
  13. Turn on all your computers and make sure the screens are as bright as possible
  14. Set up a Christmas tree
  15. String up Christmas light OUTSIDE your house
  16. Rent spotlights
  17. Leave your car on (with the lights on of course)
  18. Turn on your iron
  19. Turn on your curlers
  20. Turn on your flat iron
  21. Turn on your electric toothbrush
  22. Turn on your stereo
  23. Turn on your Glade plugins
  24. Leave your oven open
  25. Turn on your ceiling fans
  26. Charge your cell phone
  27. Drive a black car
  28. Print the porkulus bill
  29. Burn CDs on your computer
  30. Plug in as many USB powered peripherals as you can
  31. Wash your clothes
  32. Dry your clothes
  33. Run your dishwasher
  34. Turn on your air purifier
  35. Plug in your electric hedge clippers
  36. Run your lawn mower

The list is open, feel free to add more in the comments section.