Senator Ted Cruz: “I am willing to employ any procedural means necessary” to defund Obamacare

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It’s no wonder why the old GOP guard in the Senate is grouchy about the new kids on the block.  Unlike their colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the new crop of Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are actually willing to stand up and do something.

Ted Cruz said today that he is willing to use any procedural method available to get a vote his amendment to defund Obamacare.

from CNS:

When the U.S. Senate this week takes up the continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2013, Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) will offer an amendment that will prohibit funding for the implementation of Obamacare during that period.

“I believe we will have a vote on this amendment and I have said I am willing to employ any procedural means necessary to ensure that we do get a vote on the amendment,” Cruz told reporters today.

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I take this to mean that Cruz is willing to withhold unanimous consent on procedural votes until the Senate agrees to vote on his amendment.   This would grind the Senate’s operations to a near stand still.  

If Cruz is willing to back up his words with action (and I think he will), it could be as powerful Rand Paul’s filibuster.