SEARS pulls ads from Saturday Night Live after anti-Christian skit

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A week ago, SNL aired one of the most offensive pieces of television programming I’ve ever seen.  A Quentin Tarantino-styled revenge film they titled “Djesus Uncrossed.”

After outcry from groups as diverse as the Catholic League and Muslim advocacy group CAIR, SEARS has pulled their advertising from Saturday Night Live.

from  AFA:

Today, AFA received this statement from Sears regarding its recent advertising on’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“Thanks for bringing it to our attention, it wasn’t supposed to happen and we’re taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Going forward our ads will not run in this form again around SNL.”

Last Saturday night, the network aired a violent and gory segment mocking Jesus Christ. NBC publicly painted Jesus as a vengeful murderer bent on killing the Romans who crucified Him.

Sears and its subsidiary Kmart ran multiple ads on the episode. Thank you for taking action. Your efforts made the difference!

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Losing a major sponsor like SEARS is a big deal to be sure, but I can’t imagine what would have happened if SNL had decided to make Muhammed their target instead of Jesus.