Republicans begin impeachment process for IRS commissioner

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It’s about time.

House conservatives pulled the trigger Tuesday on the process to begin impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, rejecting appeals from fellow Republicans and from the commissioner himself to set the matter aside and prompting President Obama to call the effort “crazy.”

Rep. John Fleming, Louisiana Republican, made the move, kicking off a process that will put fellow GOP lawmakers on the spot. Under House rules, lawmakers must address the matter within two legislative days — though leaders could make a motion to refer the resolution to a committee, where it would likely die, or to table it, effectively killing it.

“If you vote for anything that would stop short of impeachment, or if you vote against impeachment, then you’re voting to keep Koskinen in his job,” Mr. Fleming told reporters Tuesday after initiating the debate.

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As the article suggests, it’s likely that nothing will come of this. But only because there are a lot of cowards in Congress. Nevertheless, it’s time that IRS employees faced consequences.