Rand Paul is in the middle of an old fashioned filibuster on the Senate floor

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It’s over!  Rand spoke for 13 hours without any response from the White House.  

Senator Rand Paul is in the middle of a filibuster of Obama’s CIA director John Brennan after the White House asserted yesterday that President Obama can unilaterally order a drone strike on a US Citizen on American soil.

UPDATE: Live Stream added!

UPDATE 2: Senator Rubio tweets support for Rand’s filibuster:



UPDATE 3: The filibuster has gone bi-partisan! Democrat Senator Ron Wyden has joined Senator Paul on the Senate floor.

UPDATE 4: Marco Rubio is now on the floor with Paul.  

UPDATE 5: The liberal bias at New York Times is in full display as they describe the filibuster as being “self indulging”:

As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been speaking on the Senate floor for about three-and-a-half hours, self-indulging in an old-school filibuster against John Brennan, President Obama’s choice to run the C.I.A. At 3 p.m., Senator Mike Lee of Utah jumped in to help him, asking Mr. Paul questions so he could keep the floor. Then Ted Cruz of Texas and Jerry Moran of Kansas joined in the tirade.