Define Irony: Labor leader Hoffa doesn’t know how jobs are created

I’m sure by now you’ve heard how James P. Hoffa, son of the infamous mob boss Jimmy Hoffa, used some pretty harsh rhetoric in his description of people who are advocating fiscal discipline. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard anyone give a political speech with quite so much violent rhetoric. But for as much as he talks, amazingly he seems to make very little sense. I mean, sure, it was fairly coherent. Especially the parts about taking the conservative SOBs out and such. I guess he learned to talk like that from his dad. The only thing missing was a “concrete shoes” reference. But what I found most disturbing, albeit hilarious, was how little he knows about how jobs are actually created.

From ABC news via RCP:

"It’s absolutely a war. They declared war on us. We didn’t declare war on them. They’re the ones that introduced right to work in 14 states, and went after public employee bargaining rights in both Wisconsin and Ohio. We’re fighting them across the board. They want to roll the clock back to about 1900," Teamsters President James Hoffa told ABC News.

Later in the interview, Mr. Hoffa calls for higher taxes on the billionaires and the “trillionaires.” Transcript below:

Ann Compton, ABC News: “Now, the Tea Party wants deficit under control. It wants less government spending. Is that in itself anti-worker?”

James Hoffa: “Well what it is basically, they want to balance the budget on the back of working Americans. They don’t want to have more revenue from the billionaires and the trillionaires. They don’t want the hedge-fund persons to pay what my members pay, maybe 30% in taxes.”

Read it on RCP

And there it is. Soak the Rich. Nothing new. Nothing creative. Nothing that will work. Just raise taxes on all those billionaires and trillionaires. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the richest person in the world is a Mexican man named Carlos Slim Helu and his net worth is around $74 billion. So yeah, trillionaires don’t exist. But it’s still their fault somehow…and those darn unicorns. This reminds me of when junk science peddler climate expert Al Gore claimed that the center of the Earth was millions of degrees. But what is truly sad about this is learning that Mr. Hoffa isn’t a regular reader of Poor Richard’s News. Because if he were, he would know that even if he were to confiscate every dime of every “rich” person in America, it would not even come close to covering our debt. You cannot help the workers you claim to represent by taxing their bosses out of prosperity. This is a fundamental truth. 

It’s also important to note that the average Teamster salary is around $27,000 per year while Hoffa, their fearless leader, rakes in about 13 times that. He comes in somewhere in the neighborhood of $363,000. Doesn’t that make him like a bajillionaire or something?

Hey, that’s roughly the same number of times that Mexican billionaire would have to duplicate his wealth to become a trillionaire. Coincidence? Yes. But I digress. With a view of economics as warped as this, it’s no surprise that in the past two years, the Teamsters have donated $2.3 million to Democrats while generously giving $46,500 to Republicans. That’s a 50 to 1 ratio in case you care.

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