Thousands of European teens travel to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS, including 13 year old Belgian boy

I have heard several people wonder out loud why ISIS publicizes its brutal acts of violence.  The terrorist group in Iraq and Syria routinely publishes photos and videos of crucifixions and beheadings on social media. 

The answer: it’s recruiting propaganda for islamic extremists the world over – and it’s working. 

from Daily Mail:

Clutching an AK-47 and pointing to the sky, this 13-year-old schoolboy is believed to be ISIS’ youngest jihadist and has joined a 5,000-strong army of European teenagers in Syria.
Younes Abaaoud, from Belgium, followed his older brother to the front line and is believed be among dozens of child-fighters in the war zone from Europe.

A series of images of the schoolboy posing with various weapons came weeks after the seven-year-old son of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf was pictured in Syria holding a decapitated head.

Brussels-born Younes is said to have travelled to Syria with his brother Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, earlier this year.

Britain has among the highest number of extremists fighting for ISIS - at least 500 - but Belgium has the highest proportion based on its population.

The Lowland country’s security services said earlier this year that between 4,000 and 5,000 teenagers with EU passports may have left their home countries for Syria.

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It’s not just Europeans flocking to join ISIS. Thus far, at least 70 blood-thirsty American Muslim extremists have travelled to Iraq and Syria as well. 

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