Jimmy Carter: “The only reasonable solution” to global warming is…raising your taxes

The left is comically predictable, and Jimmy Carter is chief among them.  Carter, who calls global warming skeptics “nutcases,” says there’s only one solution for the supposedly inevitable calamity we face: raising your taxes!

from KDVR:

President Jimmy Carter called a tax on carbon emissions “the only reasonable approach” to combating climate change during an appearance here Tuesday, but lamented that even piecemeal actions are unlikely to get through a divided Congress.

Carter, 89, who received a lifetime achievement award on the final day of the American Renewable Energy Day summit, spoke during a luncheon attended by a number of conservationists as well as Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens and Tom Steyer, the California billionaire pledging to devote his personal finances to political candidates willing to take action on climate change.

The 39th president, who created the Dept. of Energy and advocated for conservation before scientists began to understand the impact of human activity on climate, told AREI’s Sally Ranney that he didn’t have to deal with the same level of partisan gridlock in Congress as President Obama currently does.

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Taxes: it’s a dead giveaway that liberal “science” isn’t really about science at all.  There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, scientific about raising taxes on people.  But “global climate change” has never really be about science…it’s about control.

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