Oops! Obamacare cost underestimated by a measly several hundred billion dollars

It’s becoming increasingly hard to believe that Obamacare could get worse. But as we’ve reported before, things just keep coming out that solidify it as the worst bill in modern American history. Today is no exception.

From the DC:

Federal payments required by President Barack Obama’s health care law are being understated by as much as $50 billion per year because official budget forecasts ignore the cost of insuring many employees’ spouses and children, according to a new analysis. The result could cost the U.S. Treasury hundreds of billions of dollars during the first ten years of the new health care law’s implementation.

“The Congressional Budget Office has never done a cost-estimate of this [because] they were expressly told to do their modeling on single [person] coverage,” said Richard Burkhauser in a telephone interview Monday. Burkhauser is an economist who teaches in Cornell University’s department of policy analysis and management. On Monday the National Bureau of Economic Research published a working paper on the subject that Burkhauser co-authored with colleagues from Cornell and Indiana University.

Employees and employers can use the rules to their own advantage, he said.  “A very large number of workers” will be able to apply for federal subsidies, “dramatically increasing the cost” of the law, he said.

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This is how things get done in Washington. If the cost is going to be too high for the Blue Dogs, the Dems simply order the already partisan unbiased CBO specifically to base it’s cost estimate on single person coverage. How is this “cost estimate” not an outright lie to the American people?

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