Surprise! Small businesses dropping plans because of Obamacare

It’s really amazing. Everything that those mean old conservatives said about obamacare is actually happening. Yes, it cuts medicare, there will be death panels (even liberals have admitted it), it makes medical costs soar, it dramatically increases premiums, it’s far more expensive than Obama said it would be (just ask the good folks stuck with romneycare), despite repeated claims by Obama, you can’t keep your own Dr., the federal government will try to control your diet as they now have a vested interest in controlling cost, wait times will increase drastically (again, just ask Massachusetts) and the included health insurance purchasing mandate is obviously unconstitutional. Stating that obamacare will utterly destroy the greatest health care system in the world is not hyperbole, it’s reality. Which is why I will work tirelessly reminding people just how destructive it is. And now the latest unintended consequence to come from obamacare: Small businesses can’t afford their plans anymore.

From the DC:

One in eight small businesses have had or expect to have their health insurance plans terminated since the passage of President Obama’s health care reform.

This figure comes from a National Federation of Independent Business report which surveyed small businesses one year after the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The report, released today, found prevailing negative attitudes about the law’s impact among small business owners.

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Once again, it cannot be overstated how terrible this massively intrusive law is. Don’t get complacent. It must be repealed. Totally.

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