CNN Poll: 2/3 of Americans support the GOP’s Cut, Cap, and Balance plan

Once again, let me reiterate, the American people are sold.  A balanced budget amendment to the Constitution has polled above 60% with the American people for 30 years. 

Today, CNN released a poll showing that Americans overwhelmingly support the Republicans’ Cut, Cap, and Balance plan to cut spending, cap it as as a fixed percentage of GDP, and tie any raise in the debt ceiling to the passage of a balanced budget amendment.

Here’s the question from CNN’s poll:

23.  In another proposal, Congress would raise the debt ceiling only if a balanced budget amendment
were passed by both houses of Congress and substantial spending cuts and caps on future spending
were approved.  Would you favor or oppose this proposal?

July 18-20 
Favor 66%
Oppose 33%
No opinion 1%

The balanced budget amendment by itself scores even higher:

25. Would you favor or oppose a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget?
July 18-20 
Favor 74%
Oppose 24%
No opinion 1%

House Republicans and Conservatives in the Senate have the support of the American people.  They should not let this one go down without a fight to August 2 and beyond. 

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