Cancer patient who lost insurance because of Obamacare now being audited

Hey remember the cancer patient who dared tell others that he lost his health insurance because of Obamacare? Well, he is now being audited by the IRS. Never speak out against the regime.

From Front Page Magazine:

Bill Elliot was a cancer patient who lost his insurance due to ObamaCare and couldn’t pay the expensive new premiums. He was talking about paying the ObamaCare fine, going without health insurance and “letting nature take its course.”

He went on FOX News where his story was picked up by C. Steven Tucker, a health insurance broker who helped him keep his insurance.

Now suddenly Bill Elliot is being audited for 2009 with an interview only scheduled in April 2014. Assuming he lives that long. That might be a coincidence, but Tucker is being audited back to 2003.

That’s a rather strange coincidence.

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Sure, there’s a chance that this might be a coincidence. But when you consider the unfair targeting the IRS has become infamous for, if it is a coincidence, then it’s a pretty big one.

I truly hope that the Obamacare debacle will cause those who consider themselves liberal progressives to begin looking at things objectively. Those who favor small government solutions do not do so because of racism or sexism or greed or ignorance or anger or stupidity or any of the other negative qualities that are always associated with us. It’s about two things: (1) Big government programs make things worse and (2) Coercion, by the government or anyone else, is immoral.


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