Ashton Kutcher: “There’s an entitlement starting to emerge…that’s unhealthy for our country”

Although I don’t think he’s admitted it yet publicly, or maybe he doesn’t even realize it himself, Ashton Kutcher has an inner Conservative that is coming out in his speeches and interviews.  It’s an encouraging sign to see and a rare gem of sanity in the upside down world of Hollywood celebrity. 

First came his incredible speech at the Teen Choice Awards, and now he’s talking even more openly about America’s dangerous entitlement culture to Ellen Degeneres. 

Here’s the video:

I sincerely hope that young people in our country are paying attention to Kutchers words here.  The laziness of our entitlement culture has set in deep, and we’ve got a long way to go to undo the damage that it has already caused.  

Bravo to Kutcher for being a brave, lone voice and saying things that desperately an entire generation of Americans need to hear. 

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