Why I hope Giuliani runs (and NO, it’s not because I want him to be President)

So, the word is that Rudy Giuliani is just chomping at the bit to start another bid for the Republican nomination for President.  Now, I think Guiliani would make a certifiably awful president, even worse than Romney or Huntsman, but as far as I’m concerned, if Guliani wants to spend his money (and whatever idiot donor who decides to give him cash), GREAT! Run, Rudy, run!

And here’s why: vote splitting.  Right now, there are swath of good, conservative candidates running or potentially running: Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Herman Cain.  All of them are competing for the conservative vote which is where I suspect the energy is in this election cycle.  In the mean time, on the “moderate” RINO side of things, you’ve got Romney, Huntsman, and uuhhh…who was that other guy?

Personally, I don’t think Huntsman really stands a chance, and that just leaves Romney and all the conservatives.  Right now he’s sitting pretty atop most of the polls, and the idea of that makes me sick to my stomach.  Since we don’t have approval voting anywhere in our electoral system, the conservative vote is likely to get split 6 different ways in the primaries, and the RINO votes all go to Romney.  The result of this would be disastrous: even if a majority of Republican primary voters voted for a conservative candidate, if their votes were split 6 ways, Romney could still walk away as the winner of the nomination. 

Enter Giuliani.  Now we’ve got two big-government, pro-abortion, big spending RINOs in the race, and Romney’s secure spot suddenly doesn’t look so secure.  Giuliani’s got just as much (if not more) name recognition than Romney, and moderates love him.  If Giuliani can peal off just enough of Romney’s votes, a conservative candidate stands a much better chance of winning. 

Consider this hypothetical scenario:

I know it’s not quite that simple, and this example is just to demonstrate the point.  I think Giuliani would take more votes away from Romney than any other candidate in the field, and that’s why I welcome his candidacy. 

So please, Giuliani, please! Run for President.  For the love of Thomas Jefferson, please don’t let Romney take the nomination!

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