VIDEO: Obama says he’s “not familiar” with Benghazi whistleblower intimidation

Yesterday, multiple whistleblowers and their lawyers came forward and said that the Obama administration has been intimidating them to keep them from coming forward about what really happened during the September 11 terror attacks. One whistleblower actually went on camera with his voice disguised and his face blacked out for fear of retribution.  The State Department has been actively blocking the testimony of whistleblowers and the Congressional investigators, saying their own internal investigation “should be enough.”

Today, President Obama denied any knowledge of whistleblower intimidation.  

Here’s the video:

Obama is unfamiliar with the whistleblowers just like he was unaware that Benghazi was a terror attack.  It’s lie after lie on this story, and thankfully there are people in Congress determined to get to the bottom of it. 

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