EPIC! Sen. Ted Cruz debates Sen. Dianne Feinstein on 2nd Amendment

Ted Cruz is one of our new favorites here at Poor Richard’s News.  He’s only been in the Senate for a couple of months, and already he’s a standout example of principled, Conservative leadership.

Today he sparred with Senator Dianne Feinstein on her gun control bills.  He presented her with the Constitutional argument, asking her if she felt it was acceptable for Congress to ban certain books as she wishes to ban certain guns.  She, of course, hedged and provided a snippy “I am not a 6th grader” answer.  He again posed the question, and Senator Feinstein finally answered “no.” 

Here’s the video:

Now, at the end, Feinstein and the other Democrats on the panel compare “assault rifles” to child pornography which is a ludicrous and flimsy argument.  Child pornography infringes upon a child’s health and safety 100% of the time.  Guns do not. Nobody talks about banning certain types of cameras to prevent child pornography! To compare the two is almost as dumb as Senator Feinstein’s argument that, “it’s legal to hunt humans” with high capacity magazines. 

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