Your daily reminder: The sequester doesn’t actually cut anything


Over the past few days, we at PRN have tried to stress just how irrelevant the coming sequester is by showing you exactly what it means. First of all, it doesn’t cut anything, it simply slows the proposed spending rate. We’re going to spend more this year than last year regardless of the sequester. But secondly, even if the cuts were real and the numbers accurate, it’s pales in comparison to new 4 trillion dollar budgets that have become commonplace in Washington.

From the New York Post:

At the city level, it’s known as “firefighters first”; inside the Beltway, as the Washington Monument effect: In any budget crisis, the first thing politicians do is to inflict as much pain on the public as possible. Cut cops; close parks, libraries and emergency rooms.

The idea is to make people suffer so they’ll clamor for tax increases — and keep the pols’ gravy train running smoothly.

Never before, however, have we seen the tactic taken to such extremes on a national level as President Obama is now, as he hypes the allegedly dire consequences (a whopping 2 percent trim in the federal spending) of the sequester slated to begin tomorrow.

Crying “fiscal uncertainty,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement is threatening to release hundreds, perhaps thousands, of illegal aliens slated for deportation. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has warned the flying public that running the grope gantlet at the airports is going to be “very painful,” with major flight delays looming.

And the commander-in-chief himself just decided to cut our aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf from two to one — with Iran saber-rattling all across the region.

Obama insists he has no choice on these across-the-board spending cuts — that Congress, which included the sequester idea at his behest as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, has tied his hands. That’s an outright lie.

Forget the technicalities, which leave many of the cuts up to the president’s discretion. Obama routinely ignores the letter and spirit of other laws, as well as custom and even the Constitution, on matters ranging from the Libya war to meeting budget deadlines to complying with subpoenas to making recess appointments when Congress is not in recess.

If President Executive Order really wanted to act otherwise, his lawyers could easily find a way.

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Wow, not only is this article uncharacteristically scathing, it proves the broader point that we’ve been trying to make: Obama is lying. Grandma isn’t going to die, airplanes will still fly people around safely and firemen will still be putting out fires. And even if his dire predictions do come true (which they won’t), it will be because of a bill that he signed into law.

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