Your daily reminder: The sequester doesn’t actually cut anything

While Republicans and Obama have agreed to meet on Friday, the deadline for sequestration (or as Obama describes it, the end of civilization), to try to hammer out a deal that would avoid looming  random cuts, even some in the MSM are finding it difficult to defend Obama’s rhetoric regarding the sequester.

From Investors Business Daily:

Here’s a pretty good sign that President Obama is losing the sequester fight: Even his best friends in the press are starting to chafe at the desperate and deceptive warnings coming from him and his administration.

…Case in point is CNN’s Candy Crowley.

Last seen helping Obama during one of the presidential debates, Crowley was incredulous at what Obama’s transportation secretary, Ray LaHood, was saying about sequester-caused air travel nightmares.

Even with the budget cuts, she said, the FAA will have “$500 million more than 2008, (when) the planes were running just fine,” adding, “surely there must be things inside the FAA budget where you can get rid of 4%.”

NBC’s David Gregory was surprisingly skeptical, too, asking LaHood if he actually believed “Americans think that government can’t tighten up a bit.”

Politico, meanwhile, ran a story wondering whether Obama was “telling the truth about sequestration,” and pointed out that “dramatic predictions about long lines at airports and the loss of special education funding involve some large assumptions.”

The story also noted that agency heads “had trouble specifying how they arrived at specific numbers the White House presented.”

And the AP on Tuesday blew huge holes in various administration doom-and-gloom claims, calling them “sky-is-falling hype.”

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As this reaches a fever pitch, the White House is getting nervous. Not only are they threatening journalists in a way reminiscent of horse heads, they now have set up a URL that links to where you can share how these “massive cuts” will effect you.

Um, yeah. This reeks of desperation.

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