Blaming the sequester, Obama admin releasing “waves” of illegal immigrants from custody

Obama’s former chief of staff famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  In the case of the sequester, there is no crisis; so the Obama administration is manufacturing one. 

from McClatchy:

The federal government released groups of illegal immigrants from custody across the country Monday at the same time the White House was making its case that impending budget cuts would harm efforts to protect the border and enforce federal immigration laws.

Advocates reported “waves” of illegal immigrants being released from at least three detention centers in Texas, Florida and Louisiana.

U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement confirmed the release of some illegal immigrants Monday night but would not say how many or from which detention centers.

“In order to make the best use of our limited detention resources in the current fiscal climate and to manage our detention population under current congressionally mandated levels, ICE has directed field offices to review the detained population to ensure it is in line with available funding,” said ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen. “As a result of this review, a number of detained aliens have been released around the country and placed on an appropriate, more cost-effective form of supervised release.”

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This is outrageous.  The sequester hasn’t even happened, and the Obama administration is already letting criminals (yes, illegal immigration is a crime) out of prisons to make a point.  

This administration has zero conscience.  Want to manufacture a gun violence crisis?  Send thousands of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico. Want to manufacture a budget crisis? Release waves of criminals onto the streets. 

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