Your daily reminder: The sequester doesn’t actually cut anything


Obama has been on the campaign trail (yes, he’s perpetually in campaign mode) spouting two basic things about the looming sequester:

1) There will be death, destruction, rampant crime, satellites falling from the sky, wild animals escaping from the zoo and the death of grandmas everywhere if the massive cuts (2.1% on the projected increase in spending over the next ten years) that were his idea that he signed into law contained in the sequester go into effect. It might just usher in the apocalypse. It’s hard to say.

2) It’s all the Republicans’ fault.

The problem with this is that they’re both lies. Both of them.

First of all, the sequester cuts nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose egg (see the graph above. Or this one. Or this one.). It’s nothing more than a tactic to make people think that the government is cutting back on spending when, in actuality, the government will do nothing but barely reduce the rate at which it increases its spending in the future. Put simply, we’re driving 80 mph right now, we’re planning on driving 90 mph next week but instead we’ll drive 89 mph next week. We didn’t cut our speed, did we? Nope. We increased our speed. That’s all the sequester is. It’s a way to fool the low-information taxpayer.

Secondly, as we reported yesterday (with video evidence), the sequester was Obama’s idea (even Bob Woodward at the Wapo admits it). Many Republicans wanted the sequester (i.e., supposed random “cuts”) off the table but Obama threatened to veto any action that would have removed it. He wanted this battle because he knows that the media will do his bidding. Forget the actual condition of the country. All that matters is that Republicans are blamed for whatever goes wrong.

The problem with all of this is that the typical Obama supporter knows as much about economics and what is actually happening in Washington as I do about 18th century French ice dancing. The mainstream-media-watching Obamabots will never know any of this, but instead, continue to lap up, with great enthusiasm, the hollow platitudes and empty promises that has become the  hallmark of Obama’s presidency. In the end, the sun rises in the East, the government always gets bigger and Republicans are always blamed for anything bad that happens, whether fictitious or not.

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