Obama vs Obama: the video that proves Obama is lying about the sequester

Over the last couple of months, Obama has been demagoguing Republicans about the “deep and painful sequester cuts,” but there’s just one problem with his rhetoric: he neglects to mention that the sequestration was his idea.  Not only that, but soon after the sequestration bill passed, he actually threatened to veto any efforts to undo the automatic deficit cuts. 

We went back and took two of Obama’s statements about the sequester, one from 2011 (just after the sequester passed) and one from this weekend (his weekly address).  The contradictions between the two are astounding. It’s a man arguing with himself.

here’s the video:

Look, the point here is not to say that President Obama ever wanted the sequestration to happen.  He would much prefer that Congress simply agree to raise taxes again and be done with it.  However, as legendary liberal journalist Bob Woodward has pointed out several times now: the idea for the sequester originated in the White House, and now Obama is moving the goal posts, reneging on the deal he made

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