Obama’s former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was told “You’re not even told acknowledge the drone program.”

From what I gather about Obama’s former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, he is a man of very little conscience.  Today on MSNBC (where he is a new paid contributor) he told the host that one of the first things he was told in his training to become Press Secretary is that he was “not even to acknowledge the drone program” or “even discuss that it exists.”  

Here’s the video:

Now, the reason I say Robert Gibbs has little conscience is that this very statement indicates he knew it was his job to lie to the American people from day one.  And that’s exactly what he did.  His entire existence at the White House was to stand up before the press and parrot Obama’s blatant falsehoods, day after day after day.

Now he has a new job…doing the same thing for MSNBC.

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