Michigan mother of 4 shoots and wounds armed intruder; handcuffs him until the police arrive

This is an incredible story, both because of how a mother protected her four children from an armed intruder and also because of the aftermath.

Here’s video of the local news report:

The story doesn’t end there, however.  It gets crazier.  After the police arrested the intruder, they found 57 marijuana plants in the basement of the home he was invading.

from MLive:

"It’s movie-like, almost," Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth said. "How often do you go to a scene and the intruder’s been shot by the homeowners, and he’s lying there handcuffed, ready to go?"

The woman and a man who lived at the home are going to face criminal charges, however, not because of the shooting. Police found 57 marijuana plants in the basement and several six guns that they seized.

Police are stil investigating, and the case will be turned over ultimately to the county prosecutor. Meanwhile, Wrigglesworth was not sure Thursday if the still-unnamed intruder will survive.

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So now, this woman’s guns have been confiscated by the police, along with her marijuana plants, and she and her husband are themselves facing charges.  

There’s enough here to make a libertarian’s head explode!

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