VIDEO: Glenn Beck has some harsh words for his fellow Libertarians


If your first reaction to that headline is to gripe about how Glenn Beck is not a “real Libertarian,” you’re already proving Beck’s point.  Glenn takes about 15 minutes on his show to blast his fellow libertarians who accuse him of “co-opting the movement” because he doesn’t agree with them on every jot and tittle.

Beck says, “Libertarians, please! I’m begging you, see the opportunity you have with about 30% of this nation, maybe 60% of this nation. They will come your way…until you go and say ‘THERE’S NO OTHER WAY BUT THIS WAY!’  Nobody wants to hear that.”

Here’s the video (it’s long, but well worth it):

Libertarians would be wise to realize that Conservatives agree with them on more than they disagree.  We have a real chance to make some big changes to how our country works, but we’re not going to do it if we enforce ideological purity with fascist-like vigor.

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