HUGE 2nd Amendment Victory! Federal court smacks down state ban on carrying guns outside the home

There is a war being raged on the 2nd Amendment, but today we have reason to rejoice.  Liberty has won a major battle in Illinois, and court’s decision has national ramifications.

from Chicago Tribune:

A divided federal appeals court today rejected Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s request for a rehearing on the case where the state has been ordered to allow citizens to carry guns in public.

Madigan made the request following the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision in December that gave Illinois 180 days to put together a law that would allow concealed weapons in Illinois.

Madigan has not made a decision on whether to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, said Maura Possley, Madigan spokeswoman.

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There is no doubt that corrupt Illinois politicians will continue to find a way around the court’s decision.  However, this case has national implications.  Essentially, any blanket state bans on carrying firearms in a public place are null and void unless the Supreme Court overturns the decision. 

You have the right to carry a firearm for self defense, both inside and outside the home. 

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