Obama sends troops/drones to another undeclared war in Niger and Mali

Okay liberals, where is your outrage?  President Obama is sending troops and drones to yet another undeclared war zone, this time in Niger and neighboring Mali.

from NBC News:

President Barack Obama has deployed American military personnel and drone aircraft to the African country of Niger, where they could be used to support a French counterterrorism mission in neighboring Mali.

Defense Department officials told NBC News that a first wave will include two Raptor surveillance drones and 250 to 300 military personnel, including remote pilots and security and maintenance crews. They are expected to arrive soon.

The officials stressed that the drones are meant for surveillance only. The White House has faced criticism for a legal memo concluding that the U.S. government can use drones to kill American citizens overseas in certain cases.

Besides helping the French in Mali, the drones could be used to provide intelligence on a growing Islamic militant threat throughout North and East Africa.

The president notified Congress on Friday under the War Powers Act, which requires him to tell Congress when heavily armed U.S. military personnel are newly deployed to a region or nation.

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I’m sure stationing in Niger instead of Mali itself is Obama’s way of circumventing any claims that he’s “putting boots on the ground,” but make no mistake. That’s exactly what he’s doing.  

The Constitution has given us a right and wrong way to go to war, and President Obama (as have many Presidents bother Republican and Democrat) has consistently used military force the wrong way.  War requires a formal declaration by Congress.  The Founders set it up this way for a reason, but many modern Presidents have found it easier to ignore the Constitution and act unilaterally. 

President Obama has gone a step further than many Presidents however and actually explicitly told Congress that he doesn’t need their approval to go to war. 

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