FBI raids the Scooter Store headquarters in Braunfels, Texas

Today the FBI raided the Scooter Store headquarters in Braunfels Texas on accusations that the company is illegally over billing Medicare and Medicaid claims. 

from CBS:

Critics say it’s putting seniors in costly equipment they don’t need, and ripping off the government for what may be hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Now law enforcement is taking action.

On Wednesday, 150 federal and state agents raided The SCOOTER Store headquarters in New Braunfels, Texas, and agents remain on the site. CBS News just spoke to an FBI agent Thursday morning who said workers will not be allowed back into headquarters through the day as the nation’s largest power wheelchair company remains under investigation.

The agents came from the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, the FBI, and the Texas Attorney General. They held some workers back for interviews and told others to leave the building immediately, and leave their desks alone.

A video taken by one worker inside the headquarters shows, presumably an official, saying to workers, “Please exit the building when you have your personal belongings. There’s an exit right here.”

A worker can be heard on the video saying, “Is there any way we can know what’s going on?”

An official replied, “We’re executing a federal search warrant, sir.”

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Until I see more about what the charges are, I’m skeptical of the Fed’s actions here.  The accounts that I have read have suggested that the Scooter Store is extremely aggressive about pursuing doctors to prescribe their power chairs, and that their billing department works hard to take advantage of Medicare and Medicaid funds.  However, none of that is illegal.  

Now, if there is Medicare and Medicaid fraud happening, then the crooks need to be shut down, but at this time the FBI isn’t giving any information about any charges.  This makes me think they might be fishing for a crime that never happened.

A similar thing happened to Gibson Guitars here in Nashville.  The Feds raided the guitar factories, confiscating equipment, but never charged Gibson with a crime.  Gibson ended up spending millions of dollars in legal fees to get their own materials back.

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